Friday, October 22, 2010


First an Elsa Schiaparelli gown from 1939 which has music notes all over it, plus matching gloves.
Now red and white polka dot dress from 1935 the designer is unknown, but isn't it just the bees knees.A sheer black dress from 1936 by Vionnet
Teal and black evening gown from 1932 the designer is unknown also
Coco Chanel flower dress from 1937
Wonderful dress that was a copy of a Schiaparelli piece, it has trapeze artists on the bolero from 1938
Vionnet gown from '36 with colorful leave pattern on it
Also a Vionnet dress from '33
Fantastic Travis Banton gown from '34 that the adorable Anna May Wong wore in "Lighthouse Blues"!!
SHOCKING! Schiaparelli dress from '36 which features the padding over the breast area so it brings attention to it
Just peachy Lanvin gown from '36 with long draped flowing sash in the back
Mariano Fortuny Gorgeous emerald dress from 1930
And last but not least a Vionnet black sheer dress from 1939!!

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  1. What lovely gowns! I love the Mariano Fortuny dress, the peach one, and the red and white polka dotted...And that Travis Banton dress is really stunning!