Friday, December 16, 2011

Grenelle Estevez !!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG this dress is to die for...sadly i dont have 500 dollars laying around :( but i just had to share it

Monday, December 12, 2011

Princess Ann

Ok soo anyone who knows me knows i adore no WORSHIP Ann Miller,well a few days ago i was searching on Etsy and randomly came upon a listing that said Ann Miller's rhinestone 50's tiara!!,I was shocked i couldn't believe what i was seeing and for only for 35.00 i asked the seller and it was true omg she bought from Ann's estate though one of Ann's relatives and it comes with a certificate of authenticity..soo i of course bought it ,this is hands downs the best early Christmas present ever!!! I would never have thought i would own something that belonged to the Queen Of Tap herself...i will of course post pics when it arrives..ok sweeties just thought i would share this amazing news xoxo-Meera.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mr. Bojangles

Ok soo it's been awhile since a blog post,but today is for a good cause i found out about this from the lovely Vintage Vixens blog ,all you have to do is buy a super cute kitty Christmas ornament for a small price of 10.00 to help a sweet kitty who was just diagnosed with feline diabetes. Here is the link to there Etsy store-

Saturday, October 29, 2011

outfit of the day (meera)

Hello lovelys i haven't done an outfit of the day post in awhile ,it finally got cold enough to break out the fur coats soo i wore my 1940's monkey fur coat that my fabulous friend gave me,the dress is a 1940's black rayon dress with a Asian inspired dragon belt ,purse is a 40's Corde purse and earrings are 50's pearl clip ons ,shoes are new

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


1950's black wiggle dress with fox fur trim OMG i need this !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JOZ's Vintage Fashion Show 2011 by Taylor Hull

Hello dollies, sorry we haven't been posting regularly....whats a girl to do when your computer doesn't work?! Anyway we wanted to share with you a little fashion show we did for a local vintage furniture/clothing store called JOZ. Hope you likey!

Moin Moin~Anna <3

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Beautiful

Happy 91st birthday to the stunning and talented Maureen O'Hara

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Monday, August 8, 2011

Fall fashion Day wear Part one

Below i made a set of my fashion essentials a lady must have for Fall/Winter i'm doing two parts this is about Day wear

> A knit wool pullover sweater in gray, light blue,black, or red

>APair of high waisted trouser in black, taupe,or gray tweed

>Two day suits in gray,black,or chocolate brown

>Two coats one hip length swing coat and one knee length princess coat in black,gray,dark blue,chocolate brown,olive green, or cream

>One long sleeved day dress in black,olive green,burgundy

>One pencil skirt in red,dark pink,black,gray,dark brown,or leopard print

>Two blouses one long sleeved and one 3/4 sleeved in black,cream, leopard print,or burgundy

>For shoes one pair of simple black heels, two pairs or high heeled boots one in a solid and one in a print,one pair of galosh over shoes,one pair of platforms in a cream, taupe,tan,or black

>For accessories oversized brooches and clip on earrings in Shiaparelli pink,olive green,ruby red,and warm orange,

>For Hats one oversized 40's picture hat in cream or black,two tilt hats in color of your choice, one turban in color of choice,and one snood in color of your choice

>For Purses two clutches in color of choice personally i like Corde purse also little box purses from the late 40's are always a good choice

>Three pairs of gloves in black,white,and your color of choice

>Two pairs of stockings one seamed and one non seamed in skin tone and espresso

Fall Fashion Part 1- Daywear(meera)

Fall Fashion Part 1- Daywear(meera)

REVILLON fur coat

Isabella Oliver pencil skirt
$68 -

Christian louboutin boots
$638 -

Black clutch
£295 -

Swarovski crystal brooch
£38 -

Clip earrings
$29 -

Antique jewelry
$18 -

Swarovski beaded earrings
$4.89 -

3 1 Phillip Lim leather glove
$177 -

Vintage hat
$75 -

French Connection knit hat
£20 -

White glove

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage Hat Collection

1940's tall black feathers headband style hat,i think it may have belonged to a showgirl in the 40's(Tulsa Vintage Show)
Black feathers 1950's cone shaped hat (Estate Sale)
1950's pink floral hat (flea market)
1940's straw tilt hat with pink bows(Tulsa Vintage Show)
Gray late 1930's tilt hat (flea market)
Black 1950's riding style hat(Cheap Thrills Vintage)
Black 1950's tall Russian style hat (Flea Market)
1940's tilt hat with gold bow (Antique Mall)
1940's "senorita fan style " hat (Flea Market)
1930's black cap (flea market)
1940's pink ostrich feather tilt pancake hat (gift from a friend )
1930's "Sherlock Holmes" style hat (Flea Market)
1950's black felt cocktail hat with rhinestones (Flea Market)
1950's "dress" hat (gift from my aunt)
vintage 1940's baby doll tilt hat from Bloomingdales in new york(Tulsa Vintage Show)
1950's pink "feathered" bandeau headband hat(Silver Screen Vintage)
1940's cream tilt hat (Antique Mall)
1960's black pillbox hat(Antique Mall)
1950's bandeau style rabbit fur hat with ermine heads (Flea Market) it also has a matching muff
late 1940's wide brim dress hat (Antique Mall)
Vintage late 40's early 50's dress hat (Cheap Thrills Vintage )
1950's raffia beret (Silver Screen Vintage )
1950's huge pancake hat (Flea Market)
1940's black straw sun hat (Cheap Thrills Vintage)
1930's floppy straw sun hat (Flea Market)

All these hats are much more gorgeous in person (and yes im using a lamp shade as a hat stand for my pictures haha ) x0x0- meera