Monday, August 8, 2011

Fall fashion Day wear Part one

Below i made a set of my fashion essentials a lady must have for Fall/Winter i'm doing two parts this is about Day wear

> A knit wool pullover sweater in gray, light blue,black, or red

>APair of high waisted trouser in black, taupe,or gray tweed

>Two day suits in gray,black,or chocolate brown

>Two coats one hip length swing coat and one knee length princess coat in black,gray,dark blue,chocolate brown,olive green, or cream

>One long sleeved day dress in black,olive green,burgundy

>One pencil skirt in red,dark pink,black,gray,dark brown,or leopard print

>Two blouses one long sleeved and one 3/4 sleeved in black,cream, leopard print,or burgundy

>For shoes one pair of simple black heels, two pairs or high heeled boots one in a solid and one in a print,one pair of galosh over shoes,one pair of platforms in a cream, taupe,tan,or black

>For accessories oversized brooches and clip on earrings in Shiaparelli pink,olive green,ruby red,and warm orange,

>For Hats one oversized 40's picture hat in cream or black,two tilt hats in color of your choice, one turban in color of choice,and one snood in color of your choice

>For Purses two clutches in color of choice personally i like Corde purse also little box purses from the late 40's are always a good choice

>Three pairs of gloves in black,white,and your color of choice

>Two pairs of stockings one seamed and one non seamed in skin tone and espresso

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