Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage Hat Collection

1940's tall black feathers headband style hat,i think it may have belonged to a showgirl in the 40's(Tulsa Vintage Show)
Black feathers 1950's cone shaped hat (Estate Sale)
1950's pink floral hat (flea market)
1940's straw tilt hat with pink bows(Tulsa Vintage Show)
Gray late 1930's tilt hat (flea market)
Black 1950's riding style hat(Cheap Thrills Vintage)
Black 1950's tall Russian style hat (Flea Market)
1940's tilt hat with gold bow (Antique Mall)
1940's "senorita fan style " hat (Flea Market)
1930's black cap (flea market)
1940's pink ostrich feather tilt pancake hat (gift from a friend )
1930's "Sherlock Holmes" style hat (Flea Market)
1950's black felt cocktail hat with rhinestones (Flea Market)
1950's "dress" hat (gift from my aunt)
vintage 1940's baby doll tilt hat from Bloomingdales in new york(Tulsa Vintage Show)
1950's pink "feathered" bandeau headband hat(Silver Screen Vintage)
1940's cream tilt hat (Antique Mall)
1960's black pillbox hat(Antique Mall)
1950's bandeau style rabbit fur hat with ermine heads (Flea Market) it also has a matching muff
late 1940's wide brim dress hat (Antique Mall)
Vintage late 40's early 50's dress hat (Cheap Thrills Vintage )
1950's raffia beret (Silver Screen Vintage )
1950's huge pancake hat (Flea Market)
1940's black straw sun hat (Cheap Thrills Vintage)
1930's floppy straw sun hat (Flea Market)

All these hats are much more gorgeous in person (and yes im using a lamp shade as a hat stand for my pictures haha ) x0x0- meera

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