Monday, December 12, 2011

Princess Ann

Ok soo anyone who knows me knows i adore no WORSHIP Ann Miller,well a few days ago i was searching on Etsy and randomly came upon a listing that said Ann Miller's rhinestone 50's tiara!!,I was shocked i couldn't believe what i was seeing and for only for 35.00 i asked the seller and it was true omg she bought from Ann's estate though one of Ann's relatives and it comes with a certificate of authenticity..soo i of course bought it ,this is hands downs the best early Christmas present ever!!! I would never have thought i would own something that belonged to the Queen Of Tap herself...i will of course post pics when it arrives..ok sweeties just thought i would share this amazing news xoxo-Meera.

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  1. Hi, Meera. In about 2000, when Ann Miller was still living, I was in Nashville dating a tapdancer named Laura who also adored Ann. I secretly found an address for Ann and wrote her a request for an autographed photo made out to Laura. Ann answered quickly and sent a beautiful picture with elegant handwriting. It was also apparent that she had addressed the envelope herself. What a treasure, right? It was a surprise gift for Laura, and I dare say it impressed. Cheers! -Andy Behrens